Philosophy and Values

Herno, in four words


Erno, the river whose name links the company to its origins.


Excellence, built on research and innovation


Ethics, because transparency is more than a value


Ecological sustainability, always looking towards the future

Excellence, research and innovation

Producing a "well made" coat is not enough to be a leading player in the market: studying the details has become a philosophy; high technology is the value added to a sartorial urbanwear concept that never ignores the past. Thanks to research and innovation, increasingly high-performance textiles are constantly being introduced. Revolutionary production processes operate alongside traditional methods, while particularly innovative machines perform heat-bonded taping and ultrasound stitching: these methods allow the use of extremely fine down, the prestigious double emblem of handmade products and pieces made without traditional stitching. It is a new way of thinking about manufacturing that guarantees that level of excellence that is not just a target to be achieved, but is the very essence of each Herno garment.

"Simply" ethics

Herno's production is founded on garments that express the essence of being Italian, on absolute quality and the skills of its employees, but Herno's fundamental philosophy is based on ethics. The down used is sourced from 2 locations that are very different and far apart: Siberia and the Italian valley of Lomellina, whose entire output is used in Herno clothing, in honour of the origins of Claudio Marenzi's mother, Alessandra. But ethics also mean stating openly that the nylon coats are made in Romania, and not in Italy, albeit in sites controlled directly by Herno S.p.A.

Ecological sustainability

All the sites in Lesa are camouflaged into the landscape, with complete sympathy for the surrounding countryside, respecting the harmony of the mountains that surround the town. The nineteenth-century factory, completely restructured thanks to investment in photovoltaic technology, is entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy requirements, which have been gradually reduced by purchasing low energy consumption machinery. In recent years, the continuous renewal of Herno's production systems and services has brought about a series of improvements in terms of safety and the working environment, as well as in technological innovation and modernisation of the factories: this process was intended to develop awareness among the employees that working in compliance with safety procedures improves the working environment and the performance of tasks.